Department Store Display

Jessica Kim

Fashion Design

I had an amazing experience with Columbia College's Internship program. Not only did i get to 12-month experience living and studying in the United states, but I also gained actual experience in fashion design as a designer in New York. I have learned a lot about myself and have really grown as a person. My career goal is to be fashion designer and any new skill set picked up in terms of fashion, assembly, or sewing is one more thing I can use to improve my own designs and clothing. The knowledge I gained from seeing what professional designers do will help me to understand the whole process of fashion business. If I could relive this part of my life, I would do it in a heartbeat. Working at this company has ensured my career choice and I am still striving to work in the fashion industry. Thank you Columbia College for giving me the great opportunity.

Rustic Loaf and Breadboard

Maria Benteniti

Culinary Art (Bakery)

The 12 month Internship program offered by Columbia College helped me a lot to understand the culture of United States. From the help from Columbia College, I was properly immersed in the company for the internship and it has taught me a sense of responsibility, which is only going to help me in future when I go into a proper job. I truly believe my communication skills have really improved after this program and I am able to work with a variety of different people with confidence.

Shipping Containers

Daniel Leigh

International Trade

My experience has definitely taught me a lot in terms of fast tracking my future career into a global context, building a personal brand and having a major head start in the international trading industry. I have been able to see how the actual trading goes on and I think it put me in a lot better position with this experience. There is no room for adventure and opportunities within my comfort zone, unless I stepped out of this. I made a great choice by choosing Columbia College. It has allowed me to push myself and expose myself to new things.